Apr 252023

Spring is in the air… isn’t it?! Yes it is. I had a reminder yesterday when I overturned something in the yard that had been there all winter and there was a long toed salamander, still cold and slow hiding under it. It is the time of year the salamanders and frogs move about with the warm rains and the snakes start to warm themselves in the sun, as they start to emerge from their dens. The migratory birds and showing up in their vibrant breeding colours to start building nests. There is a lot you can do to help out these critters! Best idea is to slow down on the roads ! Especially for snakes… they like to warm themselves on the warm road. Warm rainy nights over the next week or so in some places the road is alive with hopping frogs and squiggling salamanders. And the types of vegetation along the roads also seem to attract birds for nesting. Check those outside basement steps for any migrating salamanders that get trapped. And please keep any vegetation clearing to a minimum as bird nests are often very hard to see. Disturbing any migratory bird nest is against the law!!! Happy critter helping!