Jun 292022

What's IP is a network utility specially made for desktops, notebooks, laptops and tablets that are running Windows 10, 8.1 or 8. It offers detailed information about each of your network connections, including the connectivity level, adapter type, IPv4 address, and authentication mode. Easy to integrate into Windows The app can be seamlessly downloaded and installed from the Windows Store to integrate it with your Start Menu or Start Screen. as well as to launch it just like any other Metro app. Once launched, it detects your active network profile and shows details about your connection, such as host and profile names, connectivity level, and adapter type. View and analyze network-related details More details are displayed, namely the DNS suffix, IPv4 address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, external IP address, IPv6 address, incoming and outgoing maximum speed, authentication type, along with encryption mode. On the right side of the menu is a graph showing the cumulative network usage (in megabytes) when it comes to the network upload and download (in megabytes). Check out a network graph Also, you can click two menus on top to choose a different network profile to view the previously mentioned details for, as well as to set the graph duration to the current day, previous day, or last seven, fourteen or twenty-eight days, depending on your preferences. There are no options implemented for copying all this data to the Clipboard, saving it to file, or printing it. However, you can take a screenshot and upload it to your personal accounts, thanks to the built-in Windows features. Simple and effective network analyzer All things considered, What's IP offers a simple and straightforward solution for examining detailed information about your network interfaces. It worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. On the other hand, if you're looking for editing options, you should resort to another app.







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