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This is a shoot em up game, In this game the player combats a large number of enemies by shooting at them Player control a fighter shoot down all the enemies fighter and all the enemy Navy Cruiser\Battleship\Aircraft Carrier to win the game DLC are story missions for the main story DLC includes mission pack 077 DLC Mission One: Defend the destroyer chaser After taking control of the new fighter Gather a group of fellow pilots and fight for the fate of Dangun DLC Mission Two: Is Konnichiwa! DLC Mission Three: Shikaihoko no Onegai! DLC Mission Four: Omegamon Megami no Owarai Gata no Taki DLC Mission Five: Debutante from Buichu Logu no Hanakkouin DLC Mission Six: Hien Kouji no Aoshio no Utaku DLC Mission Seven: Shoukouji no Hanetsutou DLC Mission Eight: Goen no Okugawa DLC Mission Nine: Zanka no Uchuu ni Shizuka no Dareka DLC Mission Ten: Eien no Hime DLC Mission Eleven: Chousa no Suzu no Choukou DLC Mission Twelve: Kemuri no Owarai Like the main mission DLC Mission Four: Omegamon Megami no Owarai DLC Mission Five: Debutante from Buichu Logu no Hanakkouin DLC Mission Seven: Shoukouji no Hanetsutou DLC Mission Eight: Goen no Okugawa DLC Mission Ten: Eien no Hime DLC Mission Twelve: Kemuri no Owarai Game Character ?Fighter Fighter is a online game played by all human being. Game Character Fly Fighter Fly Fighter is an online game played by all human being and the game is also played with player by player. The Pilot of fight are designed to look cool on the plane. The direction of the plane is controlled by the game player. Control The game can be played with game pad controller and television remote control. Fighting plane The plane is designed to look cool on the air. The direction of the plane is controlled by the game player. Gun The gun of the plane


Features Key:

  • Unlock all objects in the game
  • Unlock all images on the first computer that the game is played
  • Earn Gold
  • Avoid Scary & Sugar Monsters
  • Avoid Trashy Villainess Game modes
  • Waste time away from school
  • Unleash your inner criminal
  • Collect true Artifacts of Crime
  • Collect blank Money Bills, Will You
  • Complete awesome combos and earn rewards
  • Complete objectives to earn rewards
  • Collect awesome Keys to unlock everything!

If you already use Kobo App, you have full game access without having to download again, all objects are unlocked!

If the key does not work, try these steps:

  • Make sure the app version on Google Play matches your Kobo App version.
  • Try to log in with your Kobo App account.
  • Check your Google Play Store & App Store are up to date.
  • That Google Play Store & App Store have the latest version of the Kobo App.
  • Check if your computer has Java (deactivated antivirus programs may block Java)
  • Delete the Google Play Store & App Store caches to make sure the new versions of the app and cache are downloaded.
  • Activate the Google Play Store & App Store.


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BULLET HEAT is a unique first-person combat game that combines fast-paced action with physics-based weapon interactions, unique weapons, and experimental physics interactions. The game presents you with the most comprehensive and challenging weapon system to date, all designed for intense, first-person action. Highlights: • Full Aim Controller support – Play the game with motion controllers or traditional joysticks and a gamepad. • Built for high quality VR and a comfortable experience • Endless gameplay scenarios – Play on your own or go up against others in huge PvP matches. • Game Editor – Create your own weapons and arenas with the built-in editor and share your creations with the community. • Many weapons – Use pistols, shotguns, sub machine guns and other firearms. Experiment with a gravity gun to interact with in-game obstacles and enemies. • Arena and Game Editor – Build your own arenas and arenas with Physics Dummies. • Bullet Tooth physics – Take out enemies with swords or guns or throw devastating frag grenades. • High replay value – Play the game over and over and find new things to explore and kill. Key Features: • Huge open world – A massive game world full of arenas, enemies and obstacles to destroy. • Tons of weapons – Use the basic pistol, sawed-off shotgun, RPG and machine gun, but also use dual swords, dual-wield shotguns, rocket launchers, and grenades and other experimental weapons. • FPS and VR mode – Play the game in your favorite first person VR style or switch between the two in a seamless way. • Physics Dummies – Using weapons and physics objects from the game, destroy and interact with the environment in endless ways. • Physics Based Weapons – In addition to the classic pistol, machine gun, RPG and shotgun, experiment with a gravity gun to manipulate gravity and objects. • Arena and Editor – Build your own arenas and arenas in a fully-featured editor using some of the game assets from the game. • Body Weapons – Arm yourself with 2 pistols or a shotgun or dual-wield submachine guns to keep your enemies at a distance and deal more damage in close range. • Limited Menu Interactions – Touch to bring up menu options to change weapon types or view stats. • Crouch Aim – Use the crouch button to aim and shoot in first-person. • Slow Motion – Slow time to get a better view or attack an enemy. • Kill Cams – c9d1549cdd


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