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**Aligning an Image** In this exercise you will align the text in a photo using the Align Type feature in Photoshop. You will also learn how to match type by color in this exercise. 1. Open a new file with the blank document canvas, **Figure 2.14B**, still at 100% magnification. 2. Choose the **Align Type** feature from the Type menu in the Toolbox. There will be no options offered initially. 3. In the

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Both the AI and manual editing of the AI helps deliver better results. Adobe Photoshop Feature Photoshop Features Adobe Photoshop Elements AI Auto Mode The AI Auto Mode in Photoshop is a computer automated feature that enables you to edit photos using the AI. The AI is Photoshop’s new technology that helps you to easily edit your photos. It does so by offering artificial intelligence-powered easy and efficient features. AI Auto Mode AI Auto Enhancing The AI Auto Enhancing system in Photoshop enables you to edit the colors, contrast, shadows, and other image details of your photos. The AI features auto-detect the most appropriate editing strategies for the photo. AI Auto Sharpening Photoshop AI Autosharpen The AI Auto Sharpening can be found in Photoshop, the process allows you to analyze the image you want to sharpen and correct the local areas of the photo that were blurred. You can even find new ways to sharpen photographs that are otherwise impossible. AI Color Correction Photoshop AI Color AI Color Correction in Photoshop can be used to automatically correct the colors of your images. The AI Color Correction feature offers you the chance to adjust the image colors for a more realistic and natural effect. AI Black & White Photoshop AI Black & White is similar to the Photoshop AI Color Correction, but it’s more powerful. The AI Black & White feature helps you create a more realistic effect on your photos and add more professional-level effects. AI Sharpen Photoshop AI Sharpening Pro Sharpening The AI Sharpening function works automatically and offers you a variety of ways to sharpen your images in simple and convenient ways. The AI Sharpening feature can even help you edit photos without the need for using an additional editor. Advanced Healing Photoshop AI Advanced Healing The advanced Healing feature works automatically and allows you to remove blemishes, rough spots and other imperfections from your photos. While some people may find it difficult to find the skin on some of these photos, it’s pretty straightforward to get the job done with advanced healing. Image Masking Photoshop AI Image Masking Image Masking is a feature that enables you to remove unwanted parts of your image. This feature works great for photos with figures 388ed7b0c7

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16. Generate a curve: The curve tool allows you to create a spline, or a line that curves up or down at a specific spot. The curve tool is useful for creating the shape of a line, such as your outline. 17. Hue/Saturation: Hue/Saturation lets you adjust the color of your image. You can use the HSL color mode to adjust color individually. You can also create a custom hue, saturation, and luminance threshold on the Curves panel. 18. Greyscale: Greyscale edits your image to make it monochrome. This is useful for removing all the color from your image. 19. Levels: Similar to the Curves tool, Levels allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your image. This tool is especially useful for restoring brightness to images that have gone too dark. 20. Blur: The Blur tool acts like a filter in Photoshop and blurs an image. You can use it to create an ethereal look or your image. 21. Filter: The Filter tool allows you to apply a filter to your image and to use the same filter in other areas of your image. You can use filters to apply a slight tint or tint to your image, reduce image contrast, or apply an effect like a glaze. 22. Adjustment: The Adjustment tool gives you the flexibility to tweak the lighting, color, and clarity of your image. You can use it to create a dark and light effect on your image, adjust colors in an image, or create a unique look. 23. 3D: 3D is a special type of layer in Photoshop that creates and uses objects like sheets, boxes, or surfaces that can be moved or rotated in your image. 24. Copy: Copy allows you to duplicate an area of the image or clip out an area of your image. 25. Filter: The Filter tool gives you the flexibility to tweak the lighting, color, and clarity of your image. You can use it to create a dark and light effect on your image, adjust colors in an image, or create a unique look. 26. Warp: The Warp tool allows you to distort an image by dragging to focus on a certain area. The tool can also be used to stretch an image to fit different sizes

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Q: SonarQube 2.5.1 LTS : sonar.properties is not found in the.classpath We are using SonarQube 2.5.1 with our Spring MVC web application. I’ve added manually the following properties to the.properties file located in the directory where my pom.xml is. #… sonar.projectKey=MY_PROJECT_KEY sonar.projectName=MY_PROJECT_NAME sonar.projectVersion=1.0 sonar.java.source=1.8 sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths=coverage/lcov.info I’ve started the sonar server with the following command: C:\Sonar\sonar.sh -Dsonar.host.url= But when I’m running my build, I’m always getting a bad SCM status in my SonarQube instance (see the screenshot bellow). In the build file (.sbt) located in the directory “target/scala-2.12/classes” I’ve added the following line to “sonar.properties” : sonar.dynamicAnalysis=rebuild I also tried to add “sonar.dynamicAnalysis=false” but it doesn’t change anything. My build file (.sbt) looks like this : libraryDependencies ++= Seq( “io.spring.data” % “spring-data-rest-webmvc” % “2.4.3.RELEASE”, “org.springframework.data” % “spring-data-rest-core” % “2.4.3.RELEASE” ) libraryDependencies += “org.springframework.data” % “spring-data-jackson” % “2.4.0.RELEASE” resolvers ++= Seq( “” at “”, “

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Windows 7 OS X 10.10 Linux Android Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 10+ Firefox 3+ Google Chrome 10+ Safari 4+ Operating System: Windows Mac Processor: 1 GHz Processor Memory: 1 GB RAM Storage: 700 MB free space Additional Notes: -All levels and stages will be unlocked -Online World Championship 2016 contest will be open


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