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Name Glam’s Incredible Run: Escape from Dukha
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Features Key:

  • Save the Kingdom
  • Lots of dressing options
  • Clothes and hair modling options

The Kingdom of Dukha needed a great hero, but their search has long gone stale. Often lonely, but rarely anyone will go near the Kingdom unless in brutal need. Much for Glam’s years of training on the moon.

Glam is off on her quest to become the Saviour of Dukha. On her sixteenth birthday she is tipped to find Prince Zonka Vampyros. But when she awakes months later she has no memory about how she got there. Soon Glam is off on her quest to save the Kingdom.

Glams Incredible Run: Escape from Dukha Cheats, Tricks & Tips

  • Glam’s game offers lots of dressing and hair options. Change their look and show of off different personality. Play your way!
  • Glam’s graphics have a vibrant look. You’ll feel like you are in actual game world, but are actually in your own bedroom.
  • Glam is a mainly a side-scrolling game and she can jump, twist and fly. Land great looking jumps like the star jump. Do the flip, reverse, long jump and flick jump!
  • Key Features!
  • Have a great view.
  • You have lots of great fashion options.
  • Play online and game after game in player lobbies. User friendly online function.
  • Play endless and competitive game play modes.
  • You will be able to hold 12 items!
  • Go ahead put lots of money in your Glam account.

Glam is the only challenger who will provide you endless hours of satisfaction while saving the Kingdom.

Glam’s Incredible Run: Escape from Dukha Game Key Features:

  • Save the Kingdom
  • Lots of dressing options
  • Clothes and hair modling options


Glam’s Incredible Run: Escape From Dukha License Key Full

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Glam’s Incredible Run: Escape From Dukha For PC

Features: -Play with a friend or adventure in solo mode -Discover 8 interesting and mysterious environments -Travel through these world and overcome different challenges -Complete the game and see how far you can go -It’s not a marathon – it’s an escape game! -Enjoy in English, German and Spanish The game contains up to 8 levels All 4 buttons with their use are in the game Languages: English, German, Spanish, French PLEASE NOTE! This app requires a specific screen size to work. The game cannot be moved to landscape CONTROLS: Arrow keys for movement Directional pad for controls FEATURES: Random Map Levels : 8 (0-8) Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Hard Currency : Gold Custom Level/Marathon Auto save/Notify on exit/Auto check if connected on exit ABOUT: Firax is a newly released indie game! Our first game, Firax is all about puzzle games. Puzzle, jump and run are the main controls for Firax, to challenge yourself in puzzle games. Firax gives you a small world, with four little bear friends that you can carry. Each bear has a different ability, such as ‘Pass’ (which passes the level), ‘Jump’ (which passes the overhanging obstacles), ‘Roll’ (roll), and ‘Grab’ (grabbing stuff). The world itself is built for variety, with obstacles that can be used to clear the level, or be destroyed. Firax brings the classic elements of Jump ‘n Run to a puzzle game! Firax will be available for all your devices. -iPhone and iPad -Android devices And the app itself, it will be available for all the same devices. -The App version will have the same amount of levels (4), but has the controls optimized to work with the phone or tablet, giving a full game experience on your device. -The PC version will have all the same levels and features of the Android version, but has the freedom of the full screen, so you can play the game in full screen on your monitor. Note: Firax is currently only available in English Firax is now available in all stores. The title can be obtained as an iDevice, and an Android version. If you want to learn more, please visit: http


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