Jul 272022

?Thinking about whether casual sex is bad for you is a tricky one. After all, if it is, the popular understanding of hooking up is that it’s somehow detrimental to a person’s “well-being.” Hooking up with someone outside of a committed relationship is frowned upon. The implicit threat is that you could end up getting hurt, or taken advantage of, or something. After all, if casual sex is dangerous, it can lead to heartbreak. And if you’re sleeping with someone, it’s easy to feel like they hold more power over you than you do. You can be your most intimate self, but things can end up on someone’s terms. However, this conclusion is based in a misunderstanding of how casual sex, and how hookups in particular, actually work. In fact, the standard “consequence” argument isn’t actually justified. There’s really nothing, tangible or otherwise, to fear. Here’s why. Is casual sex bad for you? Here’s the thing: Just because you might not know the person well doesn’t mean they don’t know you well. Here’s another way to put it: You might have sex with some stranger you met because of the app, but that doesn’t mean the mere act of casual sex is harming your overall well-being. And sex with people you meet on an app does come with a little extra protection from the normal risk factors in casual sex. First, if you are using a dating app or app to meet people to have casual sex, you’re probably getting to know the person a little better before you have sex. If it’s an app like Grindr, which matches people based on their general location, you might know their exact preferences before you have sex. Considering that over half of gay and bisexual men have their first sexual experience with an app or through a website or app, Grindr has been more responsible for casual sex trends, like the no-strings-attached “Grindr Grind,” than any app could realistically be. If you’re meeting people on an app through a text-based message board, that at least means you have a little bit of email correspondence before you meet up. Theres a good chance that you know what they do for a living. You might get to know things like if they have kids and how they parent. And if you’re choosing a city, you might know how they specifically identify. That said, if you’ve met through a dating app,
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